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Who is Nico Verresen

I have 16 years of experience in full contact top sport. (e.g. 5 x Belgian, 1x Benelux, 1x European, 1 x vice-world champion Thai boxing and professional Mixed Martial Arts fights in Europe, Japan and the USA. As an analytical person, naturally, I acquired a thorough and lived knowledge of fitness, explosive power development, body building, fat burning and tuning down the body. In the last 10 years I also coached people in the development of their body and full contact Martial Arts skills

Furthermore I am a master in psychology and specialized myself in validation, sensual skill training, performance psychological techniques, solution focused conversational skills, hypnotherapy and acceptance commitment therapy. We will focus our work together on action. We look in a purposeful manner for ways trough your barriers to solutions of your personal problems and accomplish your wishes. 


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“”I Help Entrepreneurs Perform Like A Champ, Have Sensational Sex & Make More Money!”

-Nico Verresen

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