Danielle Thompson runs 2 businesses that enables her financial and geo freedom to travel. She’s gone nomadic and is now using time and profits to help other freelancers expand their health and lifestyle. Learn how she’s doing it.

Danielle runs a UX/UI design company and the Freelance Travel Network. 

Invest in yourself through The Art of Letting Go and Being Present. Danielle talks about “How to travel the world and get Freelance Clients in a few simples steps.”  The Power of Trust and Self Belief. 

In this conversation we delve into Danielle’s journey for creating peace of mind, heart driven human connection and expansiveness.


00:00:41.         What’s your main focus?

00:01:13.        What is UX / UI design?

00:02:02.      How long have you been doing that?

00:02:10         Are you on a programming side or design?

00:03:06       Who is your course for?

00:04:01    Where do you post your daily inspiration?

00:05:28.      Are people in your course already freelance who travel?

00:06:26     Share with us a time when you invested in yourself and what were the returns?

00:10:17       When you decided to go on your quest, what were some of the activities you did?

00:13:36.    How do you practice your spirituality?

00:13: 55.    What did you start to notice ?

00:15:44.   Where are you originally from?

00:15:53.       Did you live in any other part of Canada while you were there?

00:15:57         Do you speak French?

00:16:03      Is there a lot of Spanish speaking people in Canada?

00:16:08      Tell us about your first travels outside the country?

00:20:6       How old were you when you first started your business?

00:20:16     Are your parents entrepreneurs?

00:20:40     What was your first business?

00:22:43    How do you deal with discomfort?

00:25:07    What’s your client design process like?

00:27:12        How was Costa Rica?

00:27: 17        Which part of Costa Rica were you in?

00:29:40        How did you find your tribe?

00:36:09      Do you do consulting for social media?

00:36;25       Why has your social media been so successful?

00:36:40.     What’s your approach to social media and marketing?

00:39:04        Which country have you not visited?

About Danielle Thompson

I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur and digital nomad. Been traveling the world full time for the last 4 years while building and running an entirely remote 6-figure design agency. Our work has been seen by over 100 million people. After finding success in my design agency I decided to start teaching others how to work online and travel. I’m on a mission to empower 1 million freelancer by teaching creatives the business skills they need to get work that inspires them.

I’m also a huge pychonaunt and crazy about self development. I’ve been to the amazon to take plants like Ayahuasca. I’ve has life changing experiences on plants like Iboga. I’m passionate about human betterment and our journey on this earth.

Other social media links

Instagram – http://instagram.com/danielletom/
Personal Blog – http://heydanielle.co
Design Studio – http://studiomoku.com


Website http://freelancetravelnetwork.com/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellecthompson

Facebook http://facebook.com/helloimdanielle

YouTube http://youtube.com/channel/UCtG_beBoidcZ8FRnYCFf2qQ

“The role of a designer is the role of a translator and then having high empathy and really being able to understand and read between the lines and so being a designer; no one’s naturally a good designer
because design is a practice of seeing and becoming more mindful.”

-Danielle Thompson

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